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DISMISSED AT BENCH TRIAL/NOT CHARGED | AGGRAVATED ASSAULT/ASSAULT – State v. Mr. J. (DMC No. 5201) (Goodyear Municipal Court CR2004-00251): Mr. J. and his wife were going through marital problems when he came home to tell her that he was filing for divorce. They reconciled and he spent the night together. As he got up in the morning, he decided that he was going to follow through with the divorce, and he went into the garage to pack his tools. There, his wife met him and began attacking him. He swung around with one of his tools and struck her in the head by accident. We were able to convince the Maricopa County Attorney not to file Aggravated Assault charges with a Deadly Weapon (which would have exposed him to 5 to 15 years in prison), and instead he was charged as a misdemeanor. We set the case to trial, and on the date of the bench trial the State was unable to proceed due to witness issues, and the case was dismissed.

(Goodyear Municipal Court No. 200601467CR): Mr. M. was in the military and was residing at Luke Air Force Base. He was pulled over by an officer for allegedly making a wide turn, not having the proper height on mud flaps, and no license plate light. Subsequently he was arrested and provided a blood sample of .196. Through negotiations with the prosecution, we explained that a motion for no reasonable suspicion to stop would be filed, and they agreed to dismiss the Extreme DUI and reduce it to a regular DUI in which Mr. M. served only 10 days in jail instead of 30. He was also allowed to do his counseling and treatment on the Air Force base.

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