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DISMISSED | SUPER EXTREME DUI (.208 BAC) DISMISSED – State v. Mr. M. (DMC No. 4337) (Globe Justice Court TR2003002242): Gila County Sherriff’s Deputies pulled up to an accident site where a truck pulling a boat was in a ditch.  Various people were standing around the boat, when the officer asked who was driving.  Mr. M. was the driver and subsequently arrested for DUI, and he provided a breath test which showed a .208 BAC.  We were able to show the prosecution that the other witnesses in the area testified that Mr. M. had only drank after the vehicle had gone into the ditch.  All people had been standing around for a good hour before the officer had pulled up.  Subsequently a Motion was filed for “Corpus Delicti”, and the prosecutor agreed to dismiss all charges.

(Globe Justice Court No. TR2012-1141):  Mr. S.  was stopped due to a report of an erratic driver.  When the officer stopped him, he noticed that Mr. S. appeared to be impaired.  Following a DUI investigation, the State alleged Mr. S. was under the influence of Spice.  The State also charged Mr. S. with Reckless Driving.  During our investigation, we learned that Mr. S.’s blood sample had been destroyed by the laboratory after testing.  We were able to get the blood test results suppressed and all charges were dismissed prior to trial.

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DISMISSED | POSSESSION OF DANGEROUS DRUGS FOR SALE – State vs. Mr. G. (DMC No. 10009) (Globe Regional Justice Court No. 08TR00315): Mr. G. was travelling on college break with a friend to Tucson when they were pulled over by police for speeding.  Upon searching the vehicle, heroine was found in his friend’s bag.  Both were arrested for Transportation of Drugs for Sale, and Mr. G. admitted to using drugs one time, but was unaware of their presence in the vehicle.  We were able to convince the prosecutor that they had no reasonable likelihood of conviction and charges were Dismissed.

DISMISSED | AGGRAVATED DUI – State v. Mr. G. (DMC No. 809) (Globe Justice Court 14156): Mr. G. was driving in his pickup truck with two females, when the truck stopped in the middle of the road and the two females jumped out. There was a wasp inside the truck, and an Officer was driving by when he saw this occur. After they had all got back into the vehicle and began driving, the Officer pulled them over. Due to Mr. G.’s prior DUI’s and a suspended license he was charged with aggravated DUI. Due to various Discovery violations, the State dismissed all charges.

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