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United States v. Mr. D (DMC No. 12463)

(Multiples Counts) Federal Felony Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography (1,100 Videos and 2,600 Pictures) Reduced to Probation with 36 Months in Prison – US v. Mr. D (DMC No. 12463) (United States District Court – District of Arizona 2:14-CR-01047-ROS):

FBI Forensic Computer Experts discovered Mr. D on the internet exchanging images and videos of child pornography.  A search warrant was executed on Mr. D’s house and he was arrested.   He admitted his involvement and cooperated.  He was charged with the Federal Statute 18 USC 2252 and 18 USC 2256.  He was facing the rest of his life in prison due to the amount of images he possessed.

We were able to show through Mitigation that he had never actually committed a hands-on offense with a child.  We also conducted a Psycho-Sexual Risk Evaluation we showed him to be a low risk to re-offend and not a threat to the general public.  Lastly, we cooperated with Investigators, and they were allowed to take over his computer user identity, which allowed them to potentially apprehend other violators. We secured a plea agreement that had a range of 5 to 10 years, with the ability for the Federal Judge to depart downward. Ultimately, the Judge agreed with us and did a downward departure to only 3 years in prison.

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