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State vs. Mr. E (DMC No. 9991)

NOT CHARGED | THEFT / COUNTERFEIT APPAREL & DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE – State vs. Mr. E. (DMC No. 9991) (Phoenix Police Department No. 2008-81008727): Mr. E. worked for a mobile storage company.  A particular unit was rented by the NFL to store counterfeit merchandise during the January Superbowl at Cardinal’s stadium.  Approximately 5 months later, they were not receiving anymore bills for the mobile unit due to the fact that it had been re-rented by somebody else.  Allegations were made that counterfeit items were taken out of the mobile unit by employees before the unit was re-rented.  Mr. E. was being accused of Theft, Possession of Counterfeit Merchandise and Destruction of Evidence.  He hired us; we were able to convince the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and Phoenix Police that there was not enough evidence to move forward against Mr. E.  No charges were brought.

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