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State v. Ms. W (DMC No. 7960)

EMBEZZLEMENT/THEFT ($1,500) DISMISSED – State v. Ms. W (DMC No. 7960) (Maricopa County Superior Court CR2007-108698): Ms. W worked for a family care physician’s office that took numerous co-pays. The money from the patients co-pays that were paid in cash were kept in a locked drawer. It was discovered that $1,500 of this money was taken and not deposited into proper accounts. Ms. W was charged with Theft through Embezzlement, and then she retained our services. We were able to show that multiple people had access to that drawer, and just prior to Trial the Prosecutor agreed to dismiss all charges if Ms. W would agree to pay $1,500 to her employer. Ms. W agreed to pay the money, rather than risking going to trial. Ultimately, all charges were dismissed and she no longer was subjected to potential prison time.

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