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State v. Ms. T (DMC No. 15094)

Ms. T ran an HOA Company which represented many housing developments. She was accused of Embezzling $35,000 from the HOA by transferring funds into a personal account and altering the books. She had 7 people working for her business at the time when she was contacted by a private law firm who indicated they would be seeking Criminal Charges.

Once the pre-charge team became involved with the case, we contacted the private law firm to begin negotiations. In the meantime, they filed a Verified Complaint claiming Damages for Embezzlement by way of Common Law Fraud, Breach of Contract, and Conversion. They had also previously sent a Letter of Demand for an immediate accounting. During negotiations, it was clear that they were going to seek Criminal Charges regarding Embezzlement, Fraud Schemes and Theft. They also indicated that if a Civil Settlement was reached, they would consider the matter to be Non-Criminal and it would be concluded and Ms. T’s involvement would be deemed as poor accounting practices. Ultimately, we reached a Settlement Agreement of a payment of $35,000, and the matter was treated as a Civil Incident versus a Criminal Complaint. No charges were brought against Ms. T.

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