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State v. Ms. M (DMC No. 8709)

NOT CHARGED | FRAUDULENT SCHEMES ($84,000) THEFT and EMBEZZELMENT – State v. Ms. M. (DMC No. 8709) (Tempe Police Department DR08-094786): Ms. M. was involved in a family business with her sister and her mother.  Over the course of 12 years, the mother increased Ms. M.’s percentage of the profits, and had her conduct bookkeeping and sign “K1’s” for tax purposes.  It was discovered that Ms. M.’s mother owed Ms. M. and her sister upwards of $250,000, and they filed a civil lawsuit against their mother.  The mother then claimed that Ms. M. and her sister had been embezzling from her, and there was no agreement to increase percentages of the profit over the previous 12 years.  We conducted a “free talk” with Tempe Police Department, and claimed a polygraph was conducted on Ms. M. (in which she passed).  In addition, we dealt with a civil attorney who was working on Ms. M.’s behalf, and we were able to present additional evidence regarding Ms. M.’s innocence.  Although she was facing prison for allegedly embezzling $84,000, no charges were ever brought against Ms. M.


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