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State v. Ms. L (DMC No. 8845)

DISMISSED | 2 COUNTS of SEX ABUSE/ATTEMPTED ROBBERY – State v. Ms. L. (DMC No. 8845) (Maricopa County Superior Court CR2007-180326, CR2008-104879): Mr. L. was suffering from undiagnosed mental issues when he walked behind the counter of a store inside of the Phoenician Resort as an employee was counting money.  He grabbed $250 and attempted to leave.  In a second case, he walked into the leasing office of the apartment where he resided, and reached out and touched a Leasing Agent’s breast two separate times.  He was ultimately arrested and charged with 2 counts of Sex Abuse and 1 count of Attempted Robbery.  After sitting in custody for 5 months with his previous attorney, we were hired by his father.  Within 90 days we were able to have a psychological evaluation conducted on Mr. L., and we held a Hearing pursuant to “Rule 11”.  The judge agreed with us that Mr. L. was not competent to stand trial, and all charges were dismissed and he was released from custody.


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