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State v. Ms. G. (DMC No. 11146)

SUPER EXTREME DUI (.321 BAC) REDUCED to NON SUPER EXTREME DUI with 3 DAYS of ACTUAL JAIL TIME (BASED on MITIGATION) – State v. Ms. G. (DMC No. 11146) (Paradise Valley City Court 38024): Ms. G. had been battling alcoholism for some time when she had a relapse.  She had driven to her children’s school and was detained by school security in the parking lot.  When police arrived she was no longer operating her vehicle.  She was subsequently arrested for Super Extreme DUI and provided a .321 blood alcohol sample.  Shortly after retaining our Firm, we had Ms. G. enroll in and complete inpatient alcohol abuse counseling.  She also was receiving ongoing outpatient therapy.  Based on the mitigating factors, combined with the fact that she was no longer behind the wheel when the actual police arrived, we secured a plea to a Non Super Extreme DUI which included only 3 days of actual jail time.

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