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State v. Ms. C (DMC No. 15373)

State v. Ms. C (DMC No. 15373) – Felony Benefits Fraud/Fraudulent Schemes ($7,758 misappropriated from DES Contractor), Felony Conspiracy and Felony Theft – Reduced to Probation with Zero Days of Jail – Maricopa County Superior Court (Case No. 2017-001677).  Ms. C had been working through a company that contracted through DES’ Division of Developmentally Disabled (DDD).  It appeared that she had been overbilling people for services that were never performed.  The company that had contracted with DES discovered that their employee (Ms. C) had inconsistent hours which were being billed on the hard copies as opposed to what was billed on the computer systems.  Once the company had discovered this, they reported the Fraud Scheme to the police.  Multiple checks had been written to Ms. C for work that had never been completed.  These checks total $7,758.  We became involved and began cooperating with the Prosecutor and Detectives in order to secure a reduced sentence.  A co-defendant, who had been part of the scheme, was ultimately charged and convicted of the more serious crimes.  Ms. C was facing several years in prison if she would have been sentenced and convicted on all charges.

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