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State v. Ms. A (DMC No. 9789)

TRAFFICKING and STOLEN PROPERTY ($1,200), IDENTITY THEFT and FORGERY REDUCED to PROBATION with 60 DAYS of DEFERRED JAIL– State v. Ms. A (DMC No. 9789) (Maricopa County Superior Court CR2010-123488): Ms. A had been living with her boyfriend when she stole his gun and sold it to a local pawn shop. When she did this, she used a stolen driver’s license and posed as a different female. Ultimately, the boyfriend reported the gun stolen, and it was traced back to the person whose identity was stolen. This person informed police that her license had been stolen, and they pulled up a videotaped in the pawn shop. The victim immediately recognized Ms. A, and she was charged with Identity Theft, Trafficking and Stolen Property and Forgery. We were able to have all charges reduced to Probation with 60 days of “Deferred” jail. Because she performed well on Probation, the jail was ultimately Deleted, and she did not spend any time in custody.

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