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State v. Mr. Z (DMC No. 10718)

NOT CHARGED | VEHICULAR AGGRAVATED ASSAULT – State v. Mr. Z. (DMC No. 10718) (Scottsdale PD investigated): Mr. Z. was at a Christmas party, when another individual noticed Mr. Z.’s BMW M3.  That other individual asked to go for a ride in the vehicle, and they both left.  Each of them took turns driving the car, and both had been drinking.  Subsequently, the vehicle was involved in a wreck in which both parties were knocked unconscious and went to the hospital and had no memory of who was driving.  Eventually, the other party claimed Mr. Z. was driving and filed a law suit in order to collect insurance money.  We were able to convince the police that they could not accurately place Mr. Z. behind the wheel, and no charges were brought.  He was originally facing 5 to 15 years in prison.

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