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State v. Mr. W (DMC No. 9684)

NOT CHARGED | 6 COUNTS of SEXUAL CONDUCT with a MINOR – State v. Mr. W. (DMC No. 9684) (Phoenix Police Department Investigated): Mr. W. was a 21 year old man who was dating his 17 year old girlfriend for several months. After he broke up with his girlfriend, she became upset and went to her mother and told her that the two of them had been sleeping together. She then called the Police in order to have Mr. W. charged with 6 counts of Sexual Conduct with a Minor, under ARS 13-1405. Because there was no physical evidence and we invoked Mr. W.’s rights to remain to silent to the Police, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office declined to file charges against Mr. W. If he would have been charged and convicted it is possible that he would have to have done prison time and his future employment chances would have been greatly diminished.

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