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State v. Mr. W. (DMC No. 6593)

REDUCED | RECKLESS DRIVING REDUCED to “failure to obey traffic control device” with zero jail – State v. Mr. W. (DMC No. 6593) (Mesa City Court 2006045335):  Mr. W. was observed by a Mesa Officer approaching an accident scene with two patrol cars were blocking two of the lanes and half of the suicide lane.  Cones were set up which wouldn’t let anybody turn either right or left.   Mr. W. was observed driving around the patrol cars and attempting to go straight.  When he was stopped, Mr. W. stated that since no officers were directing traffic, he thought he could drive that direction.  We convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the “reckless driving” charge (which would have cost Mr. W. his license) in exchange for a simple traffic ticket.

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