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State v. Mr. W (DMC No. 14072)

State v. Mr. W (DMC No. 14072) – Felony Sexual Abuse on a Minor – Not Charged –  Scottsdale Police Department Investigated.

Mr. W was friends with another family who had children. While he was in Prescott, their 13-year old daughter kept flirting with Mr. W and attempted to kiss him. He told her to stop and to go to bed. After that time, she kept continually flirting with Mr. W and sending him various text messages. This disturbed Mr. W because he was 37 years of age.

He eventually told the girl’s father about what she was doing and the girl’s father told him to “not worry about it.” Shortly, thereafter Mr. W received a call from the Scottsdale Police Department to discuss the issue. He then contacted our office and we became involved. First thing of note was that Scottsdale Police Department was investigating an allegation that supposedly took place in Prescott. That would make his case a Yavapai County case, and not a Maricopa County case, for purposes of jurisdiction. We let the Detective know that we were representing Mr. W, and that we would be following up with him in the near future.

We then had contact with the girl’s family, and she admitted that she had made everything up because she was “mad.” She wrote a letter basically stating that she lied, and this was sent to the Detective. The Detective received this letter and no charges were ever brought forward against Mr. W. If they had been brought forth, Mr. W very well could have done jail time, been forced to Register as a Sex Offender and lost his job. However, no charges were brought against Mr. W and he has no criminal record.

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