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State v. Mr. V (DMC No. 13381)

Indecent Exposure DismissedState v. Mr. V (DMC No. 13381) (Mammoth Justice Court CR2015-023): Mr. V was inside of a convenience store when he asked if he could use a restroom.  He was pointed to the restroom by a female employee.  After he came out of the restroom, he bought a Monster energy drink at the cash register, and then he left. The person behind the register accused him of having his penis exposed while he was standing at the register.  He was then charged with Indecent Exposure per Arizona Revised Statute ARS 13-1402.

There was no surveillance video in the store which showed this (due to the angles of the cameras line of sight), however, the Police still executed a search warrant at Mr. V’s home.  When we became involved in the case, we also determined that the alleged victim in the case did not want to continue seeking prosecution. Although there had been allegations out of other jurisdictions, the charge in the Mammoth Justice Court jurisdiction had “proof problems”.  Ultimately, the Prosecutor agreed with us and Dismissed all charges.

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