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State v. Mr. T (DMC No. 6477)

NOT CHARGED | CHILD PORNOGRAPHY (DCAC) NOT CHARGED – State v. Mr. T. (DMC No. 6477) (Gilbert PD Investigated): Mr. T. took in a roll of film to a Walgreens to have it processed for photographs.  On the roll, were 2 pictures discovered of his daughter exposing herself and touching herself (she was 5 years old).  When Detectives got involved, they executed a search warrant and took all of Mr. T.’s computers.  We sat down with Mr. T. and the Detectives, and allowed them to interview Mr. T.  In addition, we showed Detectives that the person taking these photos was about the same height as the 5 year old, and it was during the 5 year olds birthday party in which many children were present that day.  In other words, another 5 year old child probably took the pictures.  Mr. T. was eventually cleared, and no charges were ever brought.

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