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State v. Mr. R. & Ms. W (DMC No. 10344 & 10345)

REDUCED | PUBLIC SEXUAL INDECENCY REDUCED to “disorderly conduct” with zero jail – State v. Mr. R. & Ms. W. (DMC No. 10344 & 10345) (Mesa City Court 2011-068741 & 2011-068733): Mr. R. & Ms. W. were engaged to be married, when they went to a local park in his truck.  It was dark out and nobody else was around when they began engaging in sexual conduct.  Officers who were patrolling the park at night for high school curfew violators snuck up on the vehicle, and then looked inside.  Both Mr. R. & Ms. W. were cited.  We became involved in the case, and we convinced the Prosecutor that the officer’s had to “sneak up” on them and were “hoping” to see them engaged in sexual intercourse.  Due to the potential embarrassment if the case were to proceed to jury trial, the Prosecutor agreed to reduce the charges to a simple “disorderly conduct” with a small fine.

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