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State v. Mr. R. (DMC No. 8086)

REDUCED | 3 COUNTS of SEXUAL ASSAULT; 3 COUNTS of KIDNAPPING; 7 COUNTS of SEXUAL ABUSE; 2 COUNTS of ATTEMPTED SEX ABUSE and 1 COUNT of ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPING REDUCED to PROBATION with ZERO DAYS in JAIL – State v. Mr. R. (DMC No. 8086) (Coconino County Superior Court CR2007-0480): Mr. R. was a high level fire fighter in Flagstaff, Arizona who was accused of sexually assaulting his sister in law. His sister in law had been going through psychological counseling and had a “breakthrough” regarding “finding the strength to come forward”. She reported to Detectives that she had been groped, held and sexually assaulted multiple times since 1986 by her brother in law (a period spanning some 20 plus years). When Mr. R. was questioned by Detectives he admitted that he had a relationship of a sexual nature with her for some time, but stated it was fleeting in nature.

He was subsequently charged with 3 Counts of Sexual Assault (ARS 13-1406), 3 Counts of Kidnapping (ARS 13-1304), 7 Counts of Sexual Abuse (ARS 13-1404), 2 Counts of Attempted Sexual Abuse (ARS 13-1001 and 13-1404), and 1 Count of Attempted Kidnapping (ARS 13-1001 and 13-1304). Through extensive interviews with various family and community members, we were able to show that this had appeared to be a somewhat flirtatious and consensual relationship. However, due to the alleged “victims” statements, Mr. R. agreed to accept a plea that involved Probation and zero days in jail. If he were to have gone to trial and lost he could have easily spent his life in prison. Because he did admit that his advances may have been unwanted he agreed to accept the plea.

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