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State v. Mr. R (DMC No. 15442)

State v. Mr. R (DMC No. 15442) – Felony Sexual Assault Allegations – Dismissed at Title 9 Hearing as Unsubstantiated – Grand Canyon University investigated:  Mr. R had a prior sexual relationship with another female student which lasted a few months.  Several months later, they were hanging out as friends in her dorm room (in violation of GCU’s Code of Conduct).  They began to kiss and he was touching her over her clothes.  She asked him to stop, and he did so immediately.

Several weeks later, the alleged victim stated to him that she had been sexually assaulted before, and that she felt his actions (several weeks prior) were too aggressive.  Later, she reports the issue to Grand Canyon University and asked that Mr. R not be in her classes.  We were then hired to handle the Title IX investigation defense.  We then got in contact with the investigators for GCU and came up with a plan that would allow Mr. R to remain in classes.  The plan involved him not being the same dorm room as the alleged victim, his schedule was changed so he would not have classes with the alleged victim, and resources were provided to him regarding sexual harassment education.  Due to the successful resolution with TCU authorities, the police were never involved in the case.

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