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State v. Mr. R (DMC No. 10230)

NOT CHARGED | 4 COUNTS OF CHILD MOLESTATION (DCAC)/4 COUNTS OF SEXUAL ABUSE  | State v. Mr. R.  (DMC No. 10230) (Chandler PD Investigated): Mr. R. was married to his wife for 6 years when the 14 year old step-daughter accused him of ongoing sexual conduct.  A “confrontation call” was conducted between the alleged victim and Mr. R. (which was tape-recorded by police) in which he denied everything.  He was subsequently arrested and brought into the station where he invoked his right to counsel.  We then brought Mr. R. back to the station where we allowed him to be interviewed by Detectives with us present.  We also submitted copies of the ongoing divorce paperwork which had since been filed, which contained inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s story.  Although the Detectives routed the case to the County Attorney’s Office, we were able to convince the prosecutor not to file charges.  Mr. R. was originally facing a minimum of 40 years in prison if he was to be convicted.


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