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State v. Mr. R (DMC No. 10213)

NOT CHARGED (ALL) | 4 COUNTS of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY (DCAC)/INDECENT EXPOSURE/FURNISHING OBSCENE MATERIALS to a MINOR and PUBLIC DISPLAY of EXPLICIT SEXUAL MATERIAL ALL NOT CHARGED– State v. Mr. R. (DMC No. 10213) (Avondale Police Department Investigated): Mr. R. was a maintenance worker who was observed by another maintenance worker staring out the window touching himself through his pants.  It was alleged that there were children outside the window that he was looking at them at the time. He was initially arrested for “indecent exposure”, but then other maintenance workers said Mr. R. kept a duffle bag at the stop that had child pornography inside of it.  There were images of underage naked girls inside that duffle bag.  When police went to interview neighbors, one neighbor had heard rumors that he had shown pornographic images to children as young as 7 in the neighborhood.  We became involved in the case and sat down with Detectives as they interviewed Mr. R.  Mr. R. denied owning the duffle bag, nor exposing himself or showing explicit photos to children.  Police fingerprinted the photographs and could not find any prints of Mr. R. on the photos.  Detectives were convinced to inactivate the case and did not file persuaded with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.  Mr. R. would have been facing a minimum of 40 years in prison if convicted.

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