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State v. Mr. P. (DMC No. 9819)

EXPUNGED | AGGRAVATED ASSAULT, POSSESSION OF PRECURSOR DRUG CHEMICALS, & AGGRAVATED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – State v. Mr. P. (DMC No. 9819) (Maricopa County Superior Court No. 1998-093342, 2003-018738, 2004-021935): Mr. P had been involved with drugs in his past, which resulted in 3 convictions and a prison sentence. He eventually was released from prison and did extensive drug counseling. He had turned his life around and was working at a decent job, but could not be promoted up while he had felony convictions on his record. We were able to file an extensive motion which included all of his counseling records and we were able to have all of the Judgments of Guilt Set Aside. In addition, his Civil Rights were Restored.


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