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U.S. v. Mr. P (DMC No. 7645)

POSSESSION with INTENT to DISTRIBUTE 500 GRAMS OR MORE of COCAINE (with prior conviction for distributing 5 kilos of Cocaine) REDUCED to PROBATION with 1 YEAR and a DAY in PRISON – U.S. v. Mr. P (DMC No. 7645) (United States District Court, District of Arizona CR05-00520-001-PHX-ROS): Mr. P had done prior prison time for selling 5 kilos of Cocaine and also producing Crack Cocaine for sale. Although he had done well in prison and was drug free when he got out, he slid back into a drug addicted life style. A package he had sent containing over a half of kilo of Cocaine through the United States mail was intercepted and Mr. P was charged. We were able to negotiate a plea with the Prosecutor and present large amounts of Mitigation. Originally Mr. P was facing 4 years to life in prison, and then up to 5 years in prison per the plea agreement. We were able to have the first Judge removed from the case due to a Conflict of Interest, and the second Judge sentenced Mr. P to Probation with 1 year and a day in prison. He is now out of prison and living a successful life with his wife and children.

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