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State v. Mr. P (DMC No. 14225)

State v. Mr. P (DMC No. 14225) – Felony Sexual Assault – Not Charged – Chandler Police Department Investigated (DR No. CH20XX-XXXXXXX0).

Mr. P was going through an extremely difficult divorce with his soon to be ex-wife. She was irate because he had filed for divorce and was now dating a new woman. She had tried to get her daughter to claim that Mr. P tried to molest her when he attempted to give her a kiss on the cheek good night. The daughter was taken down to the police station for a forensic interview, and she made the following statements: “she said she did not independently remember the incident until she was with her mom over summer break. She recalls some details of the incident after her mom asked her about the incident and showed her websites related to domestic violence.” She then went on to tell Detectives this had been discussed numerous times with her mother, and her mother kept showing her websites related to psychopaths and other evidence to indicate that her father was an abuser. Ultimately, the ex-wife was charged with Custodial Interference, and was issued an Order of Protection.

After all this occurred, Mr. P’s ex-wife then claimed she had been raped by her husband two years prior. She then told the Detectives that she had suffered from depression and had suicidal thoughts in the past, and now she had PTSD due to the alleged “rape.”

We became involved in the investigation, and we turned over the Comprehensive Family Evaluation which was conducted in their divorce case. Of note was the final exam of the Psychiatrist when he puts in his report: “she went on to state that she is a witch she has ‘tools.’ She said her daughter is also a witch. She angrily left the office and stood in the hallway and shouted ‘please don’t hurt any more women and children.’ She then slams shut the examiner’s office door.”

Once the Detectives reviewed everything, they quickly decided to close the case and did not even route it to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to be reviewed for charging. If Mr. P were to have been charged and convicted, he could have spent well over a decade in prison. In addition, he would have lost custody of his children.

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