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State v. Mr. O (DMC No. 13977)

Felony Indecent Exposure, Felony Public Sexual Indecency & Felony Sexual Conduct with a Minor (Dangerous Crimes Against Children) Not Charged – State v. Mr. O (DMC No. 13977) (Goodyear Police Department DR2015-XXXXX):

Mr. O had been in a custody battle with his ex-wife for several years.  They had three children together.  During one of the custody exchanges, she called police on him claiming that he had molested a step daughter who lived with them.  She claimed that this molest happened 18 years prior.  Detectives had contact with the alleged victim, and she stated that she had been molested when she was 10 or 11 years old by Mr. O.

We became involved and contacted the Detective immediately.  We provided him with information regarding the custody battle of the three smaller boys, and were able to show that the mother was using this as leverage against him in their current custody battle.  We also provided information about the alleged victim (who is now 28 years old) showing that she did not have a character worthy of truth or veracity. Ultimately, when the Detective wished to bring in the daughter to talk to her about these things, they indicated she did not wish to proceed with prosecution.  The case was “inactivated” at that time.  The original charges of having Sexual Conduct with a Minor under 14, along with Indecent Exposure and Public Sexual Indecency (allegations of masturbation in front of a child,) would have carried a prison sentence that would have placed Mr. O in prison for the rest of his life.

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