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State v. Mr. N (DMC No. 4798)

EMBEZZLEMENT/THEFT ($20,000) REDUCED to Class 6 Open/Misdemeanor with PROBATION and ZERO DAYS in JAIL –State v. Mr. N (DMC No. 4798) (Maricopa County Superior Court CR2004-037996): Mr. N was employed at a hay farming business and was entrusted with the company’s checking account when the 85 year old owner was hospitalized for hip surgery. Upon the owner’s return, he discovered that Mr. N had negotiated various checks to himself and had been running side business with clients in violation of his Employment Agreement. The total loss to the owner was over $20,000. We were able to show the Prosecutor and the Judge that Mr. N had financial troubles and was struggling to support his wife and children. We ultimately secured an offer to a “Class 6 open/Misdemeanor” which included Probation and zero days jail. After Mr. N successfully completed Probation and paid back his former boss, his charge was reduced to a Misdemeanor. He has no felonies on his record.

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