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State v. Mr. N. (DMC No. 10404)

HIT AND RUN REDUCED to “speeding” ticket at Bench Trial – State v. Mr. N. (DMC No. 10404) (Scottsdale City Court TR-2011015309): Mr. N. was coming up to 70th Street and McDowell Road when he observed a vehicle stopped at a red light backing up rapidly.  He misjudged the distance and struck the car in front of him.  That vehicle then made an illegal u-turn, and Mr. N., believing damage was minimal drove on home.  Upon being contacted by police he initially did not admit to being involved in the accident.  Because the accident was the other drivers fault (in our opinion) the case was set to bench trial.  On the day of bench trial, the State agreed to dismiss the hit and run in exchange for a plea to a simple speeding ticket.

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