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State v. Mr. M (DMC No. 8586)

REDUCED | LURING a MINOR for SEXUAL EXPLOITATION REDUCED to class 6 open/misdemeanor ATTEMPT with PROBATION and ZERO DAYS in JAIL  – State v. Mr. M. (DMC No. 8586) (Maricopa County Superior Court CR2007-136295): Mr. M. was from out of State and attending a conference at a local Arizona hotel.  He entered into an online chat room while on his computer in his hotel room.  He was discussing sexual fantasies with a person who purported to be 14 years of age, but was conversing at a much higher level.  He then agreed to meet this person for sexual purposes, and drove to a motel they were staying at.  While in the parking lot of the motel, he changed his mind and began exiting the property.  He was pulled over and arrested by a police officer who had been posing as the 14 year old on the computer.  Just prior to trial, the State gave in an offered Mr. M. a class 6/misdemeanor plea to an Attempted Child Abuse with probation and zero day’s jail.  They also allowed him to serve the probation out of State.  The conclusion of Mr. M.’s probation, his case was reduced to a misdemeanor and he has no felony conviction in his record.  Originally, he was facing years in prison.

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