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State v. Mr. M. (DMC No. 6620)

OBSTRUCTING a POLICE OFFICER DISMISSED – State v. Mr. M (DMC No. 6620) (Chandler City Court No. 06-C-2825551): Mr. M had been arguing with his wife, when his wife called 911. She then hung up the phone. 911 called and the wife stated “I’m sorry, I overreacted.” 911 sent the Police out for a “Welfare check” anyway.

When they arrived, Mr. M opened the door and he told the Police he didn’t want to make any statements. The Officer stated “step aside” I’m going into your house. Mr. M said “No you’re not” and shut the door and began walking back into his house. The Officer opened the door, came in and charged Mr. M with obstructing a Police Officer pursuant to Chandler City Code CC11-11. We were able to convince the Prosecutor that this did not qualify as a true “Obstruction” case. The Prosecutor agreed to dismiss all charges if Mr. M agreed to remain law abiding and contributed $500 to the D.A.R.E program in the amount of $500.

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