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State v. Mr. L (DMC No. 8880)

NOT CHARGED | CHILD MOLESTATION | State v. Mr. L. (DMC No. 8880) (Surprise Police Department Investigated): Mr. L. was divorced and had shared custody of his two daughters (12 and 13 years old).  The day before allegations were made of Molest, his 13 year old daughter was suspended from school for handing out medication to other students.  She was grounded and could not have her friends over.  This is when she made allegations that Mr. L. touched her.  Mr. L.’s ex-wife immediately filed for Sole Custody and got CPS involved along with police.  We sat down with police in order to conduct a “free talk”, and offered to have Mr. L. polygraph.  The CPS investigation was shut down and no criminal charges were brought against Mr. L.  However, his ex-wife was able to leverage these allegations in order to have Temporary Order issued by the Family Law Court, which gave her Temporary Custody of the 13 year old.

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