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State v. Mr. L (DMC No. 6521)

NOT CHARGED | INDECENT EXPOSURE – State v. Mr. L. (DMC No. 6521) (Mesa Police Department Investigated): Mr. L. was at a local car wash waiting for his car to be finished, when he went into the bathroom in order to urinate.  When he came out, he was inside of the convenience store when the clerk called him over and told him that his “fly was down.”  Another customer had complained that she saw his penis sticking out of his pants.  Police were called, and Mr. L. denied that his penis was sticking out, or that he had intentionally exposed himself.  Detectives wanted to charge Mr. L. due to a prior indecent exposure arrest, but we were able to show that the lack of security cameras inside the convenience mart, along with the testimony of the convenience store clerk indicated that there was no intentional exposure.  No charges were brought against Mr. L.

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