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State v. Mr. K (DMC No. 13071)

For a 1 ½ year period, the Drug Enforcement Agency conducted an undercover investigation of various drug trafficking organizations. This particular organization was known for trafficking large amounts of money, marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine. All of which was imported from Mexico into the United States. Using wire taps and other undercover activities, the DEA observed Mr. K at a high level hotel in Chicago, Illinois exchanging money.

Subsequently, a traffic stop was conducted and Mr. K was found to have a duffel bag containing $84,900 in his possession. Ultimately, indictments of 43 co-conspirators were handed down, of which Mr. K was one. During the investigation with Mr. K, he accepted responsibility and admitted that on five or six other occasions, he went to Mexico and trafficked in money. This was due to severe financial hardship as a result of many years of drought in his home state which affected his farming business.

Due to his cooperation with the Prosecutor, combined with an extensive amount of mitigation, we were able to secure an offer that would allow the Judge to potentially sentence Mr. K to no jail time at all. He was facing 4.5 years minimum if he were to have gone to Trial and been convicted on all counts. Ultimately, Mr. K plead to a reduced charge of Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering and received Probation with zero days in jail.

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