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State v. Mr. K (DMC No. 12674)

State v. Mr. K (DMC No. 12674) – Felony Sexual Assault – Not Charged & Nursing License Preserved– Chandler Police Department Investigated (DR No. X1-X1-XXX4).

Mr. K was a Registered Nurse working at Chandler Regional Hospital who was treating a patient and was in charge of inserting a catheter. At some point during the patient’s stay, the 63 year old woman indicated she was uncomfortable with Mr. K as her nurse. A different nurse was assigned, and then she eventually checked out of the hospital. When she checked out she stated that Mr. K was “an excellent nurse who took good care of her”. Approximately two days later, she reported that he had Sexually Assaulted her while he was inserting the catheter.

When contacted by the Police and the Hospital, she stated that Mr. K was “violently shaking and that there was something clearly wrong with him”, and “he was constantly masturbating underneath his scrubs”. We then became involved in the case and provided the remainder of the accuser’s medical records to the Police Officer. It showed that when she checked into the Hospital, she was suffering from an “anxiety disorder” and “early onset dementia”. We also appeared with Mr. K at the Chandler Police Station in order to provide a statement. Ultimately, we represented Mr. K with the Hospital and all allegations were “Unsubstantiated”. We then provided all of this information to the Nursing Board, and Mr. K was allowed to keep his Nursing License. The case was never routed to the County Attorney’s Office, and No Charges were ever brought against Mr. K. He is successfully treating patients to this day.

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