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State v. Mr. I (DMC No. 7567)

RACING ON THE HIGHWAY REDUCED to A SPEEDING TICKET- State v. Mr. I (DMC No. 7567) (Prescott Justice Court No. 2007-090598J): Mr. I was accused of drag racing his brother in separate vehicles in between Prescott and Sedona. In reality, Mr. I was in his wife’s new Volkswagen, and he had never driven it before. The reason Mr. I pulled up next to his brother, was to roll down the window and ask him how to get the highway, because his wife did not have GPS. Mr. I then accelerated and went in front of his brother once he got his answer. An Officer had been following closely behind and mistook their actions as Drag Racing. We were able to convince the Prosecutor to knock it down to a simple Speeding Ticket, rather than a criminal infraction. This was important because Mr. I was in the United States on a Student Visa.

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