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State v. Mr. H (DMC No. 14357)

State v. Mr. H (DMC No. 14357) – (2 Counts) Felony Sexual Conduct with a Minor (2 Victims/DCAC) – Not Charged – Flagstaff Police Department Initially Investigated then Coconino County Sheriff’s Office Investigated (DR No. SXXX-XXXXXX9); Coconino County Attorney’s Office Declined to File Charges.

Mr. H was a Flagstaff Police Officer who had a stepbrother who was in the Coconino County Jail. His other stepbrother had recently committed suicide. The stepbrother who was in jail began making accusations that when he and his deceased brother were 8 or 9 years old, that Mr. H would babysit them when their parents were out, and that he would make them go into the shower and perform oral sex on each other. He also claimed that he had told his parents about these incidents. When the parents were interviewed, they denied any knowledge of what he was saying.

The incarcerated brother also turned over his cell phone and said he had texts in which Mr. H allegedly admitted to everything. During these texts, the incarcerated brother kept making accusations that they were bullied, and it was Mr. H’s fault that the other brother killed himself. Mr. H kept apologizing profusely and would say things such as “I’m so sorry to what I did to you guys when you were younger.” When the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office came to question him, Mr. H denied all sexual conduct accusations and asked to speak to a lawyer. We became involved in the case and we immediately contacted the Sheriff’s office. We indicated that our client would be making no statements, and that any admissions he made had been in relation to bullying his brothers when they were younger. Due to the ramifications which could follow from any misconstrued admissions in regards to Mr. H keeping his job, it was best that we did the talking for him from this point forward.

Ultimately, the case was routed to the Coconino County Attorney’s Office. It was thoroughly reviewed and written up (in order to put into Mr. H’s personnel file.) It was determined that his admissions could easily be relating to bullying, and not to any sexual conduct with his brothers. Therefore, charges were being declined as there was no reasonable likelihood of conviction. Initially, Mr. H could have spent the rest of his life in prison if he was convicted of these charges. Ultimately, no charges were ever brought and he still maintains his job as a police officer.

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