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State v. Mr. G. (DMC No. 8392)

(2 Counts) CONTRIBUTING to the DELINQUENCY of a MINOR and (1 Count) OPENED CONTAINER DISMISSED – State v. Mr. G (DMC No. 8392) (Glendale City Court CR2008-000129): Glendale Police Officers responded to an alarm call. When they arrived in the location, they saw Mr. G’s van parked with him and several other occupants inside. There were two other unoccupied vehicles parked next to his van. The Officer ordered everyone out of the van, and they discovered there was alcohol inside of the van and open containers. They did not ask where the alcohol came from, and immediately cited everybody for Open Container per Arizona Revised Statute ARS 4-251(A)(2), and the two minors were cited with Minor in Consumption. Mr. G was charged with 2 Counts of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor per Arizona Revised Statute ARS 13-3613(A).

During the course of the case, we showed that there was no evidence gathered by the Officers proving that Mr. G had furnished the alcohol. The Prosecutor agreed to dismiss all charges if Mr. G would do alcohol classes and remain law abiding for 6 months. Mr. G had no convictions on his record.

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