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State v. Mr. G (DMC No. 4954)

NOT CHARGED | PUBLIC SEXUAL INDECENCY – State v. Mr. G.  (DMC No. 4954 ) (Phoenix PD Investigated): Mr. G. was accused of pulling up alongside another vehicle at night with his pants down while masturbating.  The alleged victim stated that he then swerved towards her and they almost collided.  She got his license plate number and called police.  Her passenger at the time was her grade school son.  When police contacted Mr. G., he invoked his right to an attorney.  A photographic lineup was held and neither of the alleged victims picked Mr. G.  Due to our contact with the Detective, we would not allow them to take a current photograph of Mr. G., nor would we allow them to interrogate him any further.  No charges were brought against Mr. G.

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