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State v Mr. C (DMC No. 13800)

Not Responsible for Sexual Misconduct – Title 9/School Disciplinary Hearing – State v Mr. C (DMC No. 13800) (ASU Student Rights and Responsibilities Office Investigated):  Mr. C had a on again off again relationship for over 2 years with another college student at ASU.  They had lived together at one point, and had consensual sex on numerous occasions. She was diagnosed bi-polar and began acting erratically.  She began cutting herself and was seeing a psychologist.  They had been separated for almost half a year, when they reconnected. When he informed her that he did not want to enter into a long term relationship again, she became upset.  He was 24 and she was 22 and about to graduate from college.

She then filed a report at ASU that she was unconscious two times in the previous week and that Mr. C had sex with her.  We went into the hearing and brought multiple witnesses who testified that this accuser was basically bi-polar, dramatic and untruthful.  They testified as to their ongoing relationship, and that in no way have they ever seen Mr. C take advantage of the alleged victim.  ASU took in all the evidence and found him “not responsible” for Sexual Misconduct.  He was not expelled from school, he faced no discipline and his transcripts are clean. He graduated and went on to gainful employment with a large company.

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