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State v. Mr. B (DMC No. 9680)

NOT CHARGED | CHILD MOLESTATION (DCAC) | State v. Mr. B. (DMC No. 9680) (Surprise Police Department and CPS Investigated): Mr. B. had gone through a very nasty divorce with his wife, and he had primary custody of their 5 year old daughter. Mr. S. had filed a Petition for Review regarding child support, arrearages and also wanted to modify sole custody. The wife then retaliated by claiming that Mr. B. was molesting the daughter. We had Mr. B. take a polygraph test in which passed with flying colors, and then we then contacted the Surprise Police Department Detective to inform her that these allegations appeared manufactured. As to the CPS investigator, that proved to be a little more difficult. The children were interviewed separately and Mr. B. was also interviewed without the presence of an Attorney (at their request). Due to the fact that these were false allegations, he spoke with CPS and then we followed up with our information thereby stopping all charges from being filed. Mr. B. was also allowed to keep his children. Because his ex wife wanted him charged for Child Molestation, a Dangerous Crimes Against Children (DCAC) per Arizona Revised Statute 13-1410, he could have been facing a minimum of 10 years in prison if he was charged and convicted.

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