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State v. Mr. B (DMC No. 6764)

NOT CHARGED | SEXUAL ASSAULT/VULNERABLE ADULT ABUSE – State v. Mr. B. (DMC No. 6764) (Glendale PD Investigated): Mr. B. had been married for over 30 years when his step-daughter moved into the same trailer park complex that he lived in.  She was currently under the treatment of “Value Options” for having a mental disability.  They began having a sexual relationship that was consensual, and then she became enraged when he would not loan her money.  She then reported the sexual conduct to Value Options and stated that she was not only sexual assaulted since she had moved into the trailer park, but also 30 years earlier when she was only 14.  Glendale Police investigated and we presented evidence of her attempted extortion.  When they went back to speak with the alleged victim, she no longer wished to aid in prosecution, and no charges were ever brought.  Mr. B. would have been facing decades in prison if he were charged and convicted.


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