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State v. Mr. A (DMC No. 10210)

NOT CHARGED | SEX ABUSE– State v. Mr. A. (DMC No. 10210) (Mesa PD Investigated): Mr. A. was a Doctor who was conducting a standard exam, when a 50 year old patient with mental issues accused him of fondling her breasts while using a stethoscope.  Because Mr. A. had been previously accused of similar conduct in another State, and had a prior civil case filed against him almost 30 years earlier, Detectives began to investigate.  We became involved with Detectives and the Medical Board, and showed that we hired a Private Investigator who had performed research on the alleged victim.  She had made similar allegations regarding others in the past, and had mental issues.  When she was confronted with this by Detectives, she no longer wished to seek prosecution.  No charges were ever brought against Mr. A. and his medical license was not affected.


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