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State vs. Mr. R (DMC No. 10012)

NOT CHARGED | SEXUAL ASSAULT State vs. Mr. R. (DMC No. 10012) (Tempe Police Department): Mr. R. was a college student at ASU who had had an  on-again off-again relationship with a young lady.  Both were now dating other people when he had got a call from her asking that he come over to her apartment.  When he arrived there, she had been drinking and she proceeded to tell him that his new girlfriend was a liar and was not actually a virgin.  She then stated “I miss you” and they both engaged in consensual sex.  She then got angry and told him “I’m not going to be girl number 2 anymore” and threw him out of her room.  Her boyfriend found out about the incident, and convinced her to go to the police the next day.  We were not only able to convince the police department to not file charges, we were also able to convince ASU’s Administrative Hearing Board to “exceptionally clear” the charges, thus allowing Mr. R. to remain a student at ASU.

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