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State v. Ms. P (DMC No. 7150)

REDUCED | Vehicular Aggravated Assault, State v. Ms. P. (DMC No. 7150) (Maricopa County Superior Court No. CR2007-006244): Ms. P. was involved in a traffic accident which resulted in 3 Counts of Aggravated Assault Dangerous, and 2 Counts of Endangerment Dangerous. One victim had a broken back, and another victim was ejected from her car, suffering vertebrae injuries. The victim’s vehicle appeared to have been speeding and may have cut off Mr. P. Because Ms. P. had been drinking alcohol, the police drew blood which resulted in a .095 BAC. She was subsequently charged with numerous charges which could have resulted in over 50 years in prison. Even though the initial offers started at 5 years in prison and came down to 2.5 years, we were able to conduct a Settlement Conference and ultimately secured an offer of probation with 6 months of jail with work furlough.

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