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State v. Mr. J. (DMC No. 1156)

REDUCED | SEXUAL CONDUCT WITH A MINOR (MCSC 1999092792CR): Mr. J. was married at a very young age (18) to a woman who was much older. He engaged in sexual intercourse with his 13 year old sister in law when he was 18. This happened several times. Approximately 10 years later, the victim was going through counseling when she revealed that she’d had sex with her former brother in law. He was contacted by Detectives, and he erroneously thought there was a 7 year statute of limitations on this type of offense. He admitted to everything and told police, “It doesn’t matter. The statute of limitations has run.” He was unaware that in cases of murder and sex crimes against children, there is no statute of limitations in Arizona, and he was subsequently charged. We were able to have a Psychosexual Risk Evaluation conducted, which showed he was not a risk to children, and these incidents occurred because he was barely 4 years older than his sister in law at the time. We ultimately secured a deal to Attempted Sexual Conduct with a Minor, which included probation and 1 year in jail with work release.

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