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State v. Mr. A (DMC No. 2375)

REDUCED | Felony Sexual Conduct with a Minor Reduced to Probation and 6 Months Jail with Work Release – (Maricopa County Superior Court Case No. 2000014854CR): Mr. A. had friends at his house for a party. At some point during the evening, he was alone in the bathroom with the 4 year old daughter of one of his friends. The next day he was accused of touching the girl, which he denied. Two months went by, then the police questioned and arrested Mr. A. The specific allegations were that he had attempted oral sex with the 4 year old. Mr. A. denied ever licking the victim’s vagina, but stated that as he was helping her to use the restroom and pull up her pants, that his fingers may have touched her vagina. We were able to negotiate a plea to Attempted Child Molestation which included probation and 6 months in jail with work release.

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