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State v. Mr. G. (DMC No. 1270)

REDUCED | SEXUAL CONDUCT WITH A MINOR State v. Mr. G. (MCSC 2001090224CR): Mr. G. was 19 years old when he had a homosexual relationship with a 14 year old male. This occurred approximately 4-5 times. Five years after the relationship ended, the alleged victim was charged with various crimes. The victim revealed this relationship when he was preparing for sentencing on his other issues. When the information was revealed, police were contacted. We were able to demonstrate to the prosecutor that this was a consensual relationship, and the victim was now claiming “victim” status in order to lessen the sentence in his own criminal case. We were able to have the charges reduced to Attempted Child Molestation, which included probation and 12 months in jail with work release. Originally he was facing a minimum 75 years in prison.

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