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State v. Mr. Y. (DMC No. 9806)

REDUCED | Sexual Assault and Sexual Conduct with a Minor, State v. Mr. Y. (DMC No. 9806) (Maricopa County Superior Court No.: CR2010-139405): Mr. Y. was a 25 year old living in an apartment who was partying with some people, including a 16 year old girl. During the course of the night, the girl and Mr. Y were drinking and ended up having sex. Although he knew she was under 18, he was under the belief that she was going to have her birthday within a couple of weeks. After Mr. Y had left the apartment, the girl spoke with her friends and then claimed that she “must have been sexually assaulted”, although she did not remember anything. After the police were called, Mr. Y was arrested. We were able to show that the sexual assault claim lacked any merit (although it carried a potential of over a decade in prison), but Mr. Y did knowingly engage in sex with a girl under 18. The original offers from the Prosecutor’s involved designated felonies and convictions with prison time. We were able to convince the Prosecutor to offer an Undesignated Felony to a Child Abuse Charge with 6 months of jail time and Work Furlough. Upon completion of Mr. Y’s probation, the charge will be reduced to a Misdemeanor.

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