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U.S. vs. Mr. F (DMC No. 9901)

REDUCED | POSSESSION AND DISTRIBUTION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY – U.S. Government vs. Mr. F. (DMC No. 9901) (U.S. District Court – District of Arizona No. CR10-01661-001): Mr. F. was an adult male who lived in a group home for those with Autism. He was high functioning and was able to log on to his computer and download a large quantity of child pornography. Due to his restrictive learning development, we were able to negotiate with the prosecutors in order to reduce this case to a plea of probation with no jail time. Only counseling and monitoring were required. He was originally facing the standard minimum plea offer of 5 years in prison, which elevates to 20 years in prison if he were to have proceeded to trial and lost. This case was an example of how diminished capacity can result in a massive reduction in penalty.

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