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State v. Mr. C (Case No.)(DMC No.)

NOT CHARGED | SEXUAL MISCONDUCT WITH A MINOR | State v. Mr. C.: Mr. C. was going through a particularly rough divorce, when his 7 year old daughter made charges that he had molested her while he was on vacation in Flagstaff with her for 4 days. Although the divorce proceedings had not been finalized, Mr. C.’s soon to be ex-wife had attempted to sell off his separate property (a boat) and engaged in other illegal activities. When he was calling the police regarding his wife’s activities, the Charges of child molestation surfaced. Although Mr. C. was potentially facing life in prison, we had him take a polygraph which he passed, and we sat down with the Detective to explain the situation. We also produced all of his divorce proceeding records, and we were able to convince the Detective to not file charges.

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